1.How long does it take for my products to reach me?

The description of each item tells you roughly time. For custom made costumes it usually takes 7-10 days production and another 10-20 days for shipping. (if you like faster shipping please contact us at fortunecosplay@hotmail.com the fastest you can receive in 10 days) For other items takes 3-5 days processing time and 10-20 days shipping. Please notice in busy season, such as Christmas, Halloween the shipping may take longer time than usual.

2.I only received part of my products, why is that?

This is normal. Your products come from different warehouses and to prevent you from waiting too much, we prefer to deliver your order as soon as one or more items are ready. You may receive your order in severaly packages (which allows you to prolong the joy of discovering a new package in your mailbox several days!)

3.I have ordered for 15 days and I have not received anything?

Yes, this is normal. Sometimes the shipping time is not stable as we mentioned in busy season it will take longer time. If you really need to make sure receive on time. We suggest to contact us upgrade to faster shipping such as DHL/EMS. If you haven not receive within eight weeks (55 days) we will refund you and you keep the item if you receive it.

Refund Policy

1. What is your Reund Policy?

We offer a 100% refund or a replacement item, shipped to your door free of charge if there is a mistake on our end. This applies to the following:
  •  Your item is lost in transit
  • Your item is damaged in transit
  • You receive the wrong item or item description based on your order
  • Refunds & returns will not be processed after 30 days of the customer receiving the merchandise. So please contact us within the first 2 weeks of you receiving the items. Thanks for understanding.

    *Please take care to choose the correct item (color, style, pattern, model etc.) as we cannot refund you if you make an incorrect order. If you notice that you have ordered incorrectly, please let us know ASAP (within 24 hours) and we may be able to resolve the issue.

    2. If I change my mind can I cancel my order?

    • Cancellations are only approved within 24 hours after placing your order
    • If your item has already been sent to the shipping department we cannot cancel the order.

    3.How can I do if I do not receive my order?

    If your items have not arrived within 55 days (8 weeks) of the date of original purchase, contact fortunecosplay@hotmail.com and we will issue a refund or resend your order.

    This policy excludes errors made by customers when providing shipping details on their order(s) and missed parcel deliveries.

    4.Why i need to pay tax?
    A:Some country (For example Brazil) may charge custom taxes for small packages. Please note that buyer should be responsible for duties and taxes. Thank you for your understanding.