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2017/11/3New Arrival Asatsuki Sneakers!!

The Uchiha Itachi shoes are exclusively in our stores with the mangekyo Sharingan and black coat with red clouds, The shoe clearly combines the fashion of modern days as well as the cool nature of Itachi. The black fabric material of the shoe along with the red cloud designs will make one look like an Akatsuki member. This is not all, the back sides of the shoe include the designs of a mangekyo Sharingan to control anyone just by looking at it. 

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6/26/2017 Yuri on Ice Cream Charms

Hi Friends, Thank you so much come to our store :) I made 4 Ice Cream Key Charms. Haha I like them so much! If you also like it please let me know, I will send one to you as a gift. (Buy anything in our store I can give this to you :P)  

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